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Cornerstone Outreach Center – reaching out to the needy in the greater High Plains area of the panhandle of Texas. Year after year, and every week, we watch the Lord supernatually fill our 30,000 square foot warehouse with food to give to the unfortunate of our commnity; single moms, families, childen, those newly out of prision, grandmoms and granddads  Many of them are the working poor. They have jobs, but cannot make ends meet.
Pastor Joe in a Friday Service

Pastor Joe in a Friday Service

They need a hand up. We are privleged to serve as His hand extended to them.      
     We started over 20 years ago with an inital offering of $50 and a dream… A dream to care for the most needy of our community. We located our facility and our church in the poorest zip code in Amarillo. As the ministry has grown and has been blessed of the Lord, we have come to be able to feed upwards of 27,000 people each year. And, always, accompanied by the proclaimation of the gospel. Many are saved. Many are healed. Many are helped and find hope in the love of God.

Ministry Services Available

Food Distribution:
Our doors open for our weekly Grocery Distribution  on Fridays. All clients are asked to be signed in by 12:00 noon and must present a valid picture ID.  All first time visitors to Cornerstone are welcome to come in Tuesday through Thursday,  9 – 4 pm to receive emergency food assistance, and thereafter, for on-going assistance, on Fridays only, where they can participate in our Friday service.
Cornerstone Thrift Store:
Our Mission Possible Thrift Store is on site at  1111 N. Buchanan in Amarillo.  We are open Tuesday through Friday from 9 – 4.  First time visitors to Cornerstone may be eligible for emergency clothing assistance, which is made available only Tuesday – Thursday, from 9 – 4 pm. You may inquire at the front desk in the main building for this aid.

Volunteers serving in the Warehouse.

Ready to Distribute!

Ready to Distribute!

Mission Possible Thrift Store

Mission Possible Thrift Store

In addition:
Job Placement: Tuesday through Thursday, Walk-ins are welcome.  We have access to jobs lists for employment in our community, and can help you find a job or find a better job. We can help you prepare for your interview and even help with clothing for your interview.
Relief Efforts:
     Cornerstone works to provide humanitarian relief whenever possible. In 2005, Cornerstone, with the help of its partners, provided ten semi tractor trailer loads of food and relief supplies to the hurricane victims of Katrina and Rita. 
Pastors Joe & Jacquie with Pastors Jimmy & Barbara Milligan in Moore, OK

Pastors Joe & Jacquie with
Pastors Jimmy & Barbara Milligan in Moore, OK

Tornado Aid:
In 2013, again, we came to the aid of Tornado victims in Moore, Oklahoma. More pictures HERE. In addition, Cornerstone also provides medical assistance and food to those suffering in foreign countries.
Counseling Services:
Cornerstone provides free pastoral
counseling services to individuals who need to be emotionally and spiritually restored.  All counseling is Biblically based, and performed by licensed, ordained spiritual ministers.